Recent years have witnessed an explosion in the online shopping industry in India as various online shopping websites continue to dominate the market and newer players are giving solid competition to the industry leaders. Special events like the Great Online Shopping Online (GOSF) were received with an overwhelming response by shoppers across the country, and this only solidified the fact that online shopping is here to stay. So the million dollar question is why do you shop online? What happened to the traditional methods of shopping like the mall or the local marketplace? The answer lies in the way online shopping works and the many benefits one can acquire because of that.

To make the online shopping experience even better many established e-commerce sites like have introduced their smartphone-exclusive mobile shopping apps. These apps enable the user to avail numerous advantages associated with online shopping when making a purchase on the go.
andrew hillSome of the many benefits that come with using mobile shopping apps are:

  1. Order Tracking: So you’ve just ordered something online and want to track in what phase is the process? Popular apps like the one from allows its users to easily track their recent orders by inserting simple information like order number and e-mail address.andrew hill shoes
  2. Favorites: You can bookmark or save the products you like to your ‘wishlist’. These can be then browsed and compared at a later time. This comes in handy when you want to closely examine all the available options.
  3. Discounts: Some e-commerce sites have special offers exclusive to their customer base that uses the app to make purchases. App exclusive discounts and offers give customers a natural advantage over other non-app users.
  4. Alerts: Online shopping mobile apps come with a feature called push notifications. If you choose to enable push notifications you can get alerts, reminders and updates for a variety of things like new arrivals from your favorite brands, new offers & sales, price drops and more in the form of popups on your fashion
  5. Easy shopping: The mobile shopping apps have many features and benefits, but the most important of them all is the ease of online shopping it offers. You can go to even the most secluded areas in India and still order something online on your internet enabled device.

Experience a new level of online shopping in India with these smart and time-saving apps.