1. Regram or repost your followers’ photos of your products

Make someone’s day by reposting a photo of your product. And this someone should be a customer who supports your business by telling the world about how they like your products. It would do you good to reward them in this little way.

2. Post snapshots of your employees

Tell a short story about what your employee does to deserve a photo in your IG feed. Anything that showcases your products and services or reflects your company’s culture and values is a great feature.

employee shot - disneyIn this photo, Disney animator Eric Goldberg, who is a well-loved icon himself, works on a drawing we all recognize and adore.

3. Post interesting photos of your products

Showcase your business in a unique and creative perspective that your followers can easily visualize and relate to. Got that? Different, but relatable. See Dunkin’s photo for example.

4. Start trends to introduce your newest products or promos

This is a great way to introduce a new product or foster faster product awareness and acceptance among your target market. Since we’re talking about trends, create a defining hashtag for your new product. It might even go viral if your product is so good.

5. Reward your loyal customers by tagging them in your posts

Another way to make your followers happy is to let them know that you appreciate them by tagging them in your posts. Tags and shoutouts will mean a lot to your loyal customers, but make sure to choose the ones who deserve it.

Not yet sure how to do it? If it promotes or exhibits a value or notion your business believes in, then show it in your feed. You don’t need to copy anyone else or think about it too much. Remember that the “fun and quirky” is Instagram’s core value. You should be fun and quirky, too.