Mostly android tablet pc has everything bigger and better than other mobile phones available these days including its processors, screen and processing speed. Then how can you leave it with limited battery life which you have to use while using all of its applications. The life of the battery of your tablet pc can be maximized by using the tips provided here under for your consideration.

Avoid using multi-applications: Though your android tablet PC allows you to use various applications at a time but mostly these apps running in the background of your PC consume most of its battery life wastefully. People usually upload various manager apps available in the market to enhance the performance of their tablet but most of them, which can manage your PC effectively, are available by default on its operating system. So you should either avoid uploading additional manager apps to your PC or remove already loaded apps that are not needed by it to improve its battery life.

apps_660Control the use of hardware: You can also improve battery life of your android PC by turning off the hardware that is not in use. Hardware like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Sync or GPS should be activated only when they are needed instead of keeping them on all the day. If the hardware is kept on unnecessarily then the battery life of your android tablet pc will be effected adversely. Most of the latest tablet PCs have Power Control feature to save their battery life. If your device does not have this feature then you can save its battery life by reducing the brightness of its screen also. Antenna of some of the latest 4G smartphones is also power hungry so they have provided a toggle switch to turn on and off the device as per its use to save its battery life.

Fade the device to black: This tip can be used on the android tablet PC with AMOLED screen as the black pixels displayed on its screen do not consume its battery power. You can save enormous battery life of your tablet if you can keep its background black as much as you can as bright screen consumes its battery power considerably.

Avoid haptic feedback: Enormous battery life of your tablet PC is consumed due to its frequent vibrating feedback. It happens when you device remains busy in interactive activities. A small vibrating motor is used in your device under the android tablet cases to give you haptic feedback. You can considerably save its battery life by avoiding its vibrations while receiving a notification or touching its screen.

Avoid automatic applications: Sometimes your android tablet PC consumes more battery power while synchronizing its data automatically. So to save its battery life you should opt for manual sync instead of auto-sync feature, if it is not needed for all types of data.

In this way you can maximize the battery life of your tablet PC by following some careful tips given here above.