John O'Nolan

Where web design and blogging is concerned, WordPress has changed the game. Everyone from the occasional mommy blogger to e-commerce sites and even larger corporations has used WordPress for driving traffic and getting their information out. However, a new game is in town. Developed by John O’Nolan, Ghost will launch as a new blogging platform developed for the blogger. As many of us have seen, WordPress has evolved into a complicated platform filled with plugins and add-ons that take time and knowledge to perfect. Ghost promises to redesign the blogging platform and make it easy for everyone to use.

What is Ghost?

Ghost is simply put, a new blogging platform made for one purpose, publishing. Unlike WordPress, Ghost allows the publisher easy access to their posts, tools, and stats. It is designed with ease and functionality in mind.

After using the current platforms available, John O’Nolan knew there had to be a better and easier way. Instead of endless clicking from post to post or page to page, Ghost allows you to scroll through your posts quickly and edit them easily. This was the main driving force behind his concept.

Ghost Features

If you are used to the dashboard in WordPress, the main feature you will notice with Ghost is the simplified and highly customizable dashboard. Ghost will grab all your important data, like page clicks, subscribers, social media stats, and even your content performance and brings it to the forefront in an easy to read and attractive dashboard. You can even drag and drop widgets to bring more or less information and customize the dashboard based on your preferences.

When writing or editing your posts, you will find the split screen extremely helpful. Unlike WordPress where you need to write it out and click preview, Ghost lets you see your post completed on the right, while you edit the HTML on the left. This allows publishers to fine tune, edit, or create new posts quickly without switching screens. If you want to add images to your post, it is as easy as dragging and dropping it where you want it.

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Blogging isn’t always done in the home office, and John O’Nolan and the Ghost team knows this. That is why Ghost is optimized for mobile devices and allows you the same features on your cell phone or tablet that you have on the computer. Even the split screen will work on your mobile device, allowing you to edit or create posts on the go.

How Much Will Ghost Cost?

“Ghost is built for love, not profit” is the statement John makes in his video introducing Ghost. Like WordPress, Ghost will be free to download, free to use, and has no restrictions. This will offer bloggers a tool that has only one thing in mind, making a better blogging platform, not money. Once released, Ghost will be free and remain free.

For those who are capable of making themes and plugins, you will find Ghost allows the same capabilities as you are used to in WordPress. However, if you don’t have that knowledge, Ghost has teamed up with Woothemes to develop the first set of Ghost themes for download.

The full release date for Ghost has yet to be announced, however, if you are interested in being the first to try Ghost, you can sign up for their announcement email list on their site. They will let you know as soon as Ghost is ready for the masses. This should prove to be a platform that will be utilized by millions who just want a simple blogging platform they can have full control of.

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