Link BuildingEven if Google’s algorithm has changed, link building is still a very important part of a complete SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. If you have a website or a blog and you have few backlinks, the chances of getting plenty of traffic are greatly reduced. Building links comes with two main benefits – increase your rank in search engines and promote your website among potential customers.

Today, many business owners and marketers prefer black hat SEO methods, because they can give them faster access to a wider range of customers in various niches. Thus, they go with black hat link building strategies, such as spam comments on blogs, link farms and other spammy techniques. The only problem is that when Google finds out about them (and it usually finds out pretty fast, in a matter of weeks), they are permanently banned from search results and their website’s rank is decreased to 0. If you’ve ever considered black hat link building tactics, think again.

The best and most simple way to increase your ranking online and make the most out of your link building campaign is by going with white SEO link building methods. It’s all about building strong relationships with those around you. We have conducted a thorough research in order to find out the 10 best link building methods you should use in 2013 and 2014.

1. Create a Top-Notch Blog

First of all, you need a blog in order to be able to comment on others’ blogs. A good blog is essential for most link building strategies listed below. In order to thrive in today’s harsh online environment, you absolutely need a blog.

2. Submit your Website and Blog in Directories

In order to get quality links to your website and blog, you need to leverage the power of submission. There are many places out there where you can build links through submission. First of all, submit your articles and blog posts to web 2.0 sites (, because here you can add video, images and other type of interactive content. In addition, submit your content to article syndication sites (, infographic directories ( and press release websites ( If you want to get two steps ahead of your competition, you should capitalize on video submission sites. Create a unique video and promote it on websites like Vimeo, YouTube or

When talking about directory submission, there are some rules you need to follow:

– Always submit your links to directories relevant for your niche.

– Choose human-edited directories over automatic ones.

– Check the PR of the directory (use this tool . Submit to those directories with a PR of 3 or higher.

– Submit your website manually.

3. Comment on Blogs

Blog commenting is not dead yet, even if many marketers think it is. The ability of building strong relationships is huge when it comes to blog commenting. Try to contribute to the discussion without overpromoting your site or blog and you will earn much more than a few backlinks – you will build strong relationships with other bloggers in your niche. The more people you know, the more links you will get in the long run. If you have a WordPress blog or site, there is a section (named Blogroll) where you can list other blogs or websites. Just imagine your blog showing up on over 20 WordPress blogs in your niche. This is the direct result of building relationships with other bloggers.

4. Social Networks

The best method of getting links from social networks is not by placing a link in the Description field in your account, but by interacting with your subscribers. Make the most out of Facebook by building a Fan Page or a Company Page where you can add as many links as you want. Also, join a group on LinkedIn, create a network on Twitter and start stumbling on StumbleUpon. If you have an image-oriented blog, Pinterest can do wonders for you.

5. Broken Link Building

This is one of the most powerful link building strategies available today. Find pages that are relevant for your business with outgoing links which are broken. Next, contact the site owner, explaining the situation and asking to use those broken links to link to your website instead. Even if this is a very time consuming activity, it can provide amazing results if done correctly.

6. Launch a Blogging Contest

Contests with prizes represent the best methods of attracting new customers. Create a unique contest with predefined rules and prizes. Promote it all across the web, in the blogosphere and on all social channels. A good contest can attract plenty of famous bloggers who will be eager to showcase their skills in order to get the prize.

7. Trade Articles

Why not trade posts and articles with someone else in your niche? You both can get content, links and visitors on each other’s website or blog. The best part is that you will get traffic and links from a whole different community, which opens the door for totally new opportunities.

8. Write Testimonials

This is a huge link building method, not only due to its effectiveness, but mainly because very few bloggers and marketers are aware of its power. There’s a good chance of getting a link in exchange for a testimonial, even from Amazon or Walmart.

9. Event Recaps 

Another great way to get more links to your website or blog is by writing recaps of recent events. This method is similar to live blogging, which involves writing as fast as possible about something new that has taken place. In the case of events, if your content is top-quality and people like it, you might go viral, which is simply astounding – you will get on Google’s first pages in as little as one day or even less.

10. Help Webmasters

One of the easiest, yet most difficult methods of getting free links is by helping out webmasters by adding value to their content. Look for grammar and spelling mistakes, update old content, fill the gaps in content and recreate dead content. By doing all this, you will get their attention and possibly a few authority links to your site.

Final Words

Getting links is not such a daunting task, especially if you are aware of the 10 best link building methods available today. Use these marketing tactics and enjoy a steady flow of visitors to your website and blog.

Jason Smith is an online manager for Right Lawyers – who are experienced Vegas Divorce lawyer . Jason likes blogging about online strategies that are related to SEO, Content, PPC & Lead generation.